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Change The Quote Button

Post by chobo2 » Wed 11.29.2006 2:12 am

I seen on other sites where you click the quote button and it adds it to your post but does not go directly to the reply to thread page.

Here is an example

I got to a topic I like to view so I go read the topic and some people have posted some things I want to comment on but with your site the second you click on quote button on the first guy you would like to quote.

You get sent to the "reply to thread" with other sites I have seen when you click on the quote button it adds the quote but it does not go to the "reply to thread". When you finished going through all the post and you are ready to respond the user then click to reply to the topic and when he does this he gets send to the "reply to thread page" and there waiting for him/her is all the peoples quotes he wants to comment on one after another then he can go and start typing away after each quote what they wanted to say.

Right now I find myself I want to comment on 2 people quote and I have to copy one persons quote and use the quote button for the other one. In order to comment on both of them.

Here is a picture of the button so everyone knows what I am talking about.
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