Time to get rated maybe?

Do you have any suggestions to the page's content and such?
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Time to get rated maybe?

Post by Infidel » Sun 12.17.2006 5:06 am

Since this a family oriented site, why not get us rated at safesurf and maybe a few of the other parental control sites. I doubt any of them demand fees for sites to get listed. Safesurf even has an auto metatag generator http://www.safesurf.com/classify/

I didn't check into the others, although Windows has a default one installed.

At work some idiot saw one of those pop-up adds on myspace that warned of how we have a virus. So now we have a stupid System Alert TSR program that is extremely difficult to uninstall, I'm on my 8th attempt right now. I checked the timestamp the files were created, and in the process discovered another "anti-virus" TSR spyware program, noted time stamp, noted the person that was working then. I know he loves myspace.

They also added a bunch of stupid sites to the pop-up exclusion list, like sexsearch.com, videodumper, a bunch of ign.com sites, unique.peek, trafficgigolos, evilchili, the list goes on. Since the little option in administrative controls to deny users the ability to modify the sites or restriction level doesn't work...

I went into the parental controls, since restrited sites only controlls some permissions, not access to the sites and I wanted to completely block sites. Now I've rated the internet G-3. Nothing innapropriate for a 3 year old. All the little sliders are all the way on the left.

No Internet for Joo!

Anyway, now that I've activated parental controls, I got a warning that this site doesn't have one, and I thought it wouldn't hurt to add one, since we do moderate pretty well here and welcome kids that might have restrictive parents.

Of course googleadds must hate me, now that I get a little warning and hit cancel with every page refresh.

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RE: Time to get rated maybe?

Post by tanuki » Sun 12.17.2006 9:40 am

What about Paul-san's "SFW" links and weird anime titles discussions?
What about Tony-san?
What about keat-san's pole?
What about my picture of the tanuki with the big testicles?

Dude, we're getting an "M".

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RE: Time to get rated maybe?

Post by ashitaka » Sun 12.17.2006 3:05 pm

We are definetly family friendly, except for that one porn thread, and that one where the guy was asking for gay porn......... ok lets delet those 2 first, then i think it would be a great idea.
What about Paul-san's "SFW" links and weird anime titles discussions?
Well since anime is ment for 7 year old otaku then they might help rank this site down to somewhere around "social retarded eight year old".
yipee, im offending otaku! P)

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