list poster's sex

Do you have any suggestions to the page's content and such?
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RE: list poster's sex

Post by prep_girl_Nessa » Sat 04.14.2007 4:27 pm

And that, everyone, is how to win an internet fight xD
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RE: list poster's sex

Post by PsychoSP » Sat 04.14.2007 5:43 pm


But all the Korean girls I know think Rain is butt-ugly. :p

Takeo Saeki
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RE: list poster's sex

Post by Takeo Saeki » Sat 04.14.2007 6:10 pm

Not the Korean girls I know. One in particular is practically in love with him. LOL.

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Re: list poster's sex

Post by coco » Mon 08.18.2008 6:24 pm

It seems that the same topic has been discussed in this thread.
phreadom,Site Admin wrote: Actually in my experience it's much more balanced than that. I think you're just assuming that everyone is male.

It might be something like 70%/30%, but I guarantee you that it's not 99% male.

But in all seriousness, "Gender" is an option I could add to the profiles, just like the "Native language" option.

I just wonder if it's really necessary? :) (I notice you said you were joking about the suggestion.)

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Re: list poster's sex

Post by phreadom » Mon 08.18.2008 9:21 pm

Added it. :)

Feel free to state your gender... or remain a mystery if you so wish. ;)

(I'd hope my gender is obvious from my avatar, but I set it anyway to show what it looks like.)

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