advice for teaching English - eigo no oshiekata no tetsudai

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advice for teaching English - eigo no oshiekata no tetsudai

Post by Dehitay » Sat 04.11.2009 10:35 pm

I'm not currently on any of my regular computers so I'm currently unable to type in Japanese. So what Japanese I will be using will be limited to romaji. I just got invited for the group interview with AEON (one of Japan's major Eikaiwa companies).

One of the things I need to prepare is a lesson for beginners to English. That subject is as broad as I am indecisive on what I want to cover. The lesson needs to be planned for a 30 minute class and I'll have to get a 5 minute demonstration. So I was wondering if anybody remembered what were their favorite parts about beginners' foreign language classes. If anyone attended an ESL, it would also be helpful to know what they thought was the best part of the beginning classes.

sumimasen. kono pasokon kara kana to kanji de kakemasen. eikaiwa no AEON no shigoto shitai kara, watashi wa eigo wo oshieru tsumori no you ni eigo no jugyou wo jun'bi shimasu. donna jugyou wo jun'bi suru hazu no koto wo shirimasen. eigo wo benkyou sureba, donna jugyou ga suki deshita ka? watashi ni ii oshiekata wo oshiete kudasai. yoroshiku onegaishimasu
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Re: advice for teaching English - eigo no oshiekata no tetsudai

Post by becki_kanou » Sun 04.12.2009 2:07 am

I find present progressive is always a fun theme for beginners.

First outline the basics: I am, You/We/They are He/She/It is ~~ing. Then having them describe a photo is good, or have one student describe a picture and the others draw it to practice listening. Charades is also good. Get or make a pack of simple action cards and have them act things out, then ask "What am I doing?" And the other students guess: "Are you swimming?" "Are you playing baseball?" or what have you.

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Re: advice for teaching English - eigo no oshiekata no tetsudai

Post by ILuvEire » Tue 04.21.2009 11:49 pm

My first German lesson, we learned to count to 10 and basic greetings.

I think you should teach numbers up to five, and how to use ~ing, maybe also some greetings.

EDIT: Oh yeah, also we did this game, where the teacher had a bag filled with random objects, and the student had to choose one and answer a question about it.

*pulls out a pencil*
"What color is this?"
"It's orange"

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Re: advice for teaching English - eigo no oshiekata no tetsudai

Post by 8bitkoopa » Sun 04.26.2009 5:36 pm

the first thing i learned in german was the alphabet and pronouns. then we progressed onto learning how to say hello, my name is ****, what's yours? and simple phrases like that. numbers were soon to follow.

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