make a career of

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make a career of

Post by themonk » Sat 08.04.2012 9:57 pm

Amont 98 Democrats who voted no, John Lewis of Gerogia and Michigan's David Bonior have made a career of advertsiing their social consciences.

I know that "make a career out of" means , to be serious about something.

What about "made a career of" used here? My guess is it means these two people, Lewis and Bonior, do that [broadcasting their social consciences] a lot? Or does it mean the same thing as "make a career out of"?

Thanks, if anyone can help.

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Re: make a career of

Post by Joojinihongo » Fri 06.28.2013 2:25 pm

"made a career of" - something that has already happened. it's in the past.

That's my opinion on the subject.

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Re: make a career of

Post by SomeCallMeChris » Fri 06.28.2013 3:52 pm

But this is '(subj.) has made a career of', not '(subj.) made a career of'. In this case, the career is probably well-established but still ongoing. If it's (subj.) made a career of' then it would be strictly past.

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