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Idioms: thick & thin


Idioms: thick & thin

Postby clay » Mon 01.01.2007 2:39 pm

A few idioms using thin and thick:

1) Spread yourself too thin: to try to do too many things at the same time

(Sound) Don’t spread yourself too thin! あまりやりすぎないで!(そうしたら何も上手にできない)
(Sound) At college I joined every club and spread myself too thin. 大学で全部のクラブに参加したので、まったく時間がなかった。

Similar expression: (Sound) “Jack of all trades and master of none” 器用貧乏

2) Thick-skinned: Not easily offended. Don’t get upset when people criticize you

(Sound) To write on an Internet forum, you have to be fairly thick-skinned. インターネットの掲示板に書きこむときは、けっこう侮辱に鈍感な性格が必要。
(Sound) I’m pretty thick-skinned, so any criticism is welcomed. 私は批判に強いので、是非意見を聞かせてください。

3) Through thick and thin: if you stay with or support someone through thick and thin, you always stay with or support them, even in difficult situations

(Sound) You stood with me through thick and thin. あなたはよい時も悪い時も私のそばで支えてくれた。
(Sound) I promise to stick with you through thick and thin. いつまでもあなたから離れないと誓います。

(Reference: Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms and a few Internet searches)
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RE: Idioms: thick & thin

Postby coco » Tue 01.02.2007 11:56 am

ご教示いただき、ありがとうございます。 おもしろい阜サですね。
双方ともthi がつくのもおもしろい。 かつ紛らわしい^^;

spread yourself too thin は
「手を広げ(すぎ)る+ 浅く広く」という感じでしょうか。


through thick and thin
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RE: Idioms: thick & thin

Postby miha » Wed 01.03.2007 12:07 am


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