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RE: やさしい/やさしさ

Postby Kagemaru » Wed 04.04.2007 9:28 am

compassionate, kind, tender, delicate (in nature), softhearted, affectionate, warm-hearted, soft-hearted, kind-hearted, good-hearted, unselfish, plus a few others in my opinion would all be covered by やさしい/やさしさ

The downturn however is that in English these are applied case by case.

Only by my opinion, this could be a result of the fact that English has a tendency to dichotomise feelings more than that of Japanese.
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RE: やさしい/やさしさ

Postby hiwa » Thu 04.05.2007 5:50 am

Sorry for this belaboring but let me rephrase the question. If, hypothetically, American society had a buzzword expressing general やさしさ value as might be recited by San Francisco flower children decades ago, what could be THE word? If, again hypothetically, they find force could not democratize Arab and competitive economy could bring global environmental crisis, ...... ?
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RE: やさしい/やさしさ

Postby kohyin » Tue 05.08.2007 2:33 am

Even though neither my Japanese nor English is good enough to get into the depth of this discussion, my simple mind tells me that each detailed "connotation" might depend on each context, and learning languages may be a bit easier if one doesn't allow oneself to get caught in such mind bogglingl details -- of course unless one's goal is just to pass a linguistic test but not to make friends.

I'd rather make a friend than challenge other's linguistic skills ;)
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