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View topic - 教えてください>服装 Question about clothing

教えてください>服装 Question about clothing


教えてください>服装 Question about clothing

Postby genki100p » Fri 04.27.2007 7:01 am

What do you say Long sleeve cotton shirt with no collar ?
What do you call shirt shaped like T-shirt but made of Silk ?
1)Tシャツは、半そで丈(たけ)のものだけをそう呼ぶと聞いたのですが、長袖の場合はどうよびますか? また素材がシルクで形が同じような物は何といいますか?

2)short coatとJacketの違いは?
What is the defference between Short Coat and Jacket ?
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RE: 教えてください>服装 Question about clothing

Postby richvh » Fri 04.27.2007 7:17 am

1) T-shirt describes the cut, not the material, though it is most often made of cotton. One made from silk would be a "silk T-shirt", I think. I'm not sure of the long-sleeved case; there might be a special name for it in the garment industry, but I'd probably call it a "long-sleeved T-shirt."

2) A jacket can be either a. a light garment worn on the upper body outside in cool weather, or b. the top layer of a suit. A coat is generally thicker and warmer than a jacket, though the two terms are to some extent interchangeable.
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RE: 教えてください>服装 Question about clothing

Postby Dehitay » Fri 04.27.2007 9:08 am

僕は「long sleeve cotton shirt」を「long sleeve shirtと呼ぶでも、温かい太いタイプを「sweater」と呼びます。
二番目は「silk shirt]と呼ぶかもしれません。

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RE: 教えてください>服装 Question about clothing

Postby coco » Wed 05.02.2007 1:16 pm


Dehitay wrote:

ornament? adorn?
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