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雪の物語 - Chapter 14

Translations of chapters from the story by our own richvh

雪の物語 - Chapter 14

Postby Pianogirl123 » Sun 01.03.2010 11:47 pm

Since katafei posted a translation of 12 I thought he might already be working on 13, so I did 14.

Meanwhile, the minister lead the Prince to the place where he found the bracelet.  The Prince said, "Let the dogs get the scent."

The dogs sniffed the scrap of silk cloth. They started barking and ran along the street.

Soon, they heard shouts of "Aaah demons!!"

"Hurry! Don't let them get away!" said the Prince.

The Guards and the Prince attacked the Ninjas.

Elsewhere, Yuki heard the commotion and went to the window. "It's the Prince! Please Mr. Fox, help the Prince!" Yuki begged.

"I cannot do that. Because the Prince is a man, he must fight his own battles," answered the Fox. "Please wait here. I will guard you until the battle is over."

"Alright, I will wait here until the battle is over," Yuki replied.

Then, the Prince, alongside the Guards, captured most of the ninjas, But a few of them escaped.

"Where is Miss Yuki?!" said the Prince to the Ninjas.

"Over here!" said Yuki from the entrance.

"Miss Yuki! Are you alright?" said the Prince. "You dropped this, didn't you?" He showed her the bracelet.

"Ah! I lost that. My Lord, for finding my bracelet and returning it to me, moreover for saving me, thank you very much!" said Yuki.

"I accept your gratitude," said the Prince.

"Mr. Fox, thank you for freeing me and protecting me."

"You are welcome. There are people besides you in the world that need protecting. You may call me only one more time. Good luck," said the Fox.

"I will do my best," Yuki replied.

"I intend to marry Yuki. Mr. Fox, if you would attend our wedding, it would be a great honor," said the Prince.

"Is that so? I usually do not involve myself with human affairs. However, this girl is special. Sure, I will attend your wedding," answered the Fox.
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