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ゆきの物語 - Chapter 2

Translations of chapters from the story by our own richvh

RE: ゆきの物語 - Chapter 2

Postby richvh » Fri 01.26.2007 2:48 pm

Yes, it can, but I thought the context was clear enough when I wrote it. Here's the relevant chapter; do you think the context needs clarification?
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RE: ゆきの物語 - Chapter 2

Postby Apache Dawn » Fri 01.26.2007 4:09 pm

Thanks, you cleared up some things. I will still have to find some information on the places I am still a little confused. :)
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RE: ゆきの物語 - Chapter 2

Postby tanuki » Sat 01.27.2007 8:56 am

This is my attempt:

[center]Encounter with the fisherman[/center]

Before long, Yuki arrived at the sea. On the beach, a fisherman was repairing the holes that had opened in his net.

"Hello, Mr. Fisherman. My name is Yuki." said Yuki.

"Hello, Ms. Yuki." answered the fisherman.

"If it's OK with you, I can help you repair your net." said Yuki.

"Good. If you help me repair my net, I will pick up shells." said the fisherman.

After that, Yuki repaired the net while sitting on the beach, and the fisherman picked up shells on the coast.

Before long, Yuki was finished repairing the net. "Mr Fisherman! I repaired the net!" called out Yuki.

The fisherman looked at the net carefully. "You can do repairings well, you know. It seems to be a lot better than before. You saved me. Thanks a lot." he said.

"No, I'm sorry that I didn't do it very skillfully." answered Yuki.

"Where are you going to?" asked the fisherman.

"I'm going to the big city in order to find fortune." answered Yuki.

"Please do your best." said the fisherman.

"I will." said Yuki.

"Here, as a sign of my gratitude, please take half of these shells." said the fisherman.

"I can't accept such a thing." said Yuki.

"No, it's nothing. I think I'll be able to catch a lot of fish with this net you repaired for me." said the fisherman.

"Really? Well then, I'll accept the shells. Thank you very much." responded Yuki.

After that, Yuki put the shells in her sleeve and headed for the city.
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