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Table of contents?

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Table of contents?

Postby leonl » Fri 06.27.2008 2:14 am

Does anyone know where I can look at a table of contents for both of the genki books online. I'm trying to do comparisons of books mainly these books verses the ultimate japanese series.(I can read hiragana and katakana so romaji isn't an issue) Thanks in advance
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Re: Table of contents?

Postby Sairana » Fri 06.27.2008 4:52 am

Did you check Amazon.com? Last time I was there, you could do a "look inside" of genki, which includes the ToC
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Re: Table of contents?

Postby ss » Fri 06.27.2008 9:24 am

Try visiting Genki Online.
There are some introductions of the Genki textbooks series.

Hope it helps.
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