Anyone want to learn together?

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fujoshi kitty
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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Post by fujoshi kitty » Sat 03.24.2012 9:00 pm

hi i'm new here and i started learning Japanese with Genki but i stopped for a while. I think i'm on like chapter 10, but I would need to review like everything. I would really like studying together! :D

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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Post by Curry_Girl » Sun 05.27.2012 5:21 am

Well I'm not really new here, I've literally lurked here for probably eight or nine years, but I have gotten about halfway through Genki 1 and am about to review all 6 chapters I've gone through. I know I've missed some stuff from being sick in the class we used them in and know it's very helpful to everyone to have even a little talk here and there, so I'm up for studying together too, even if its all the way from the beginning again. :)

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Re: Anyone want to learn together?

Post by DigiBanks99 » Wed 10.10.2012 5:01 pm

I have been looking for something like this for 9 months now! I blame bad Google search terms. Anyway, I am on lesson 4, but I would like to review lessons 1-3 with someone, seeing as I can't complete some of the practices as I cannot think of sentences for some of the practices. I have requested to join the Facebook group as well. I really want someone to study with me. :wave:

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