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genki 1 workbook answer key

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genki 1 workbook answer key

Postby WhyCantMyDeckWin » Mon 07.21.2008 7:55 pm

looking for the answer key, if anyone has it that could send me it that would be aweosme kthx
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Re: genki 1 workbook answer key

Postby chikara » Mon 07.21.2008 8:07 pm

WhyCantMyDeckWin wrote:.... aweosme kthx

This person might be able to help as it sound as if they are looking for the same thing.
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Re: genki 1 workbook answer key

Postby Sairana » Tue 07.22.2008 1:50 am

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Re: genki 1 workbook answer key

Postby sushi4ever » Wed 07.23.2008 3:10 pm

There is only one answer key which includes the answers for both textbooks and workbooks, plus the scripts for the CDs.

I recommend purchasing it here, just like I did.
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