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what's your genki study habits?

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what's your genki study habits?

Postby p-chan » Thu 02.18.2010 6:53 am

as the title suggest how do you use genki?

for me i read from dialogue then memorize the vocabulary->grammar->practice->kanji->workbook
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Re: what's your genki study habits?

Postby Mattias » Fri 02.19.2010 9:38 am

I usually start a lesson by reading the dialogue then the vocabulary list.
I do 1-2 grammar points and 3-5 kanjis per day in a lesson. I also do the corresponding exercises for those grammar points.

With that it usually takes 1 week to complete a lesson. Which would mean 23 weeks for Genki I and II together ^.^

I'll be on Lesson 20 next week :D
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