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Genki-1 Supplementary vocabulary

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Genki-1 Supplementary vocabulary

Postby eaazu » Sun 03.21.2010 2:05 pm

I had the problem of looking for online databases of ALL of the Genki-1 vocabulary, including the supplementary. But, at least for the supplementary vocab, couldn't find anything out there. So, I created one myself.

I took the Genki-1 glossary, went through it word by word, and where a vocabulary word was listed as "(s)" or supplementary, AND was not listed in another (later) chapter as regular vocab, I added it to my excel spreadsheet.

This was all in an attempt to fill in a big hole in my Anki (flashcard software) deck that I was using. So, if anyone finds it valuable, here is the excel file I created:

http://www.nwlink.com/~ayers/genki/Genk ... ntary.xlsx

I then added it into my regular vocabulary spreadsheet to get a "master" list that is in both excel and a utf8 text file (importable into Anki):

http://www.nwlink.com/~ayers/genki/Genk ... r_utf8.txt

http://www.nwlink.com/~ayers/genki/Genk ... aster.xlsx

These reside on a pretty basic (ie lame:-) website dedicated to Genki-1 and Anki, so for what it's worth:


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Re: Genki-1 Supplementary vocabulary

Postby 牛ジュース » Sun 03.21.2010 7:08 pm

Cool! It didn't occur to me that list I was using had holes. XC
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Re: Genki-1 Supplementary vocabulary

Postby Sairana » Mon 03.22.2010 1:07 am

eaazu wrote:This was all in an attempt to fill in a big hole in my Anki (flashcard software) deck that I was using.

If you ever decide to do another project like this in the future and want a good way to share it, making a public list at smart.fm would probably help out a ton of people. I think a lot of folks find spreadsheets intimidating (including yours truly).
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