Simultaneously using Genki and AJATT

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Simultaneously using Genki and AJATT

Post by NihonGoingUp » Sat 04.17.2010 11:30 pm

Anyone here using the All Japanese All The Time method? I will incorporate some of it, but I also want to use the Genki textbook as well (I have used parts of it before with some success.) The AJATT method kind of shuns textbooks though. What is your take on all this? Do you use both, and if so, do you have any advice?

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Simultaneously using Genki and AJATT

Post by Dustin » Wed 04.21.2010 1:29 am

AJATT has many flaws. It is almost impossible to follow it perfectly.

Take away the parts you like, Genki is a great text book. Nothing wrong with SRS and doing words in context rather than in isolation, in fact I agree with that.

Having to sleep with japanese on. Not use textbooks. Not using any english at all. There are certain things to take away, but do what works for YOU and what YOU can stick to, that is the only way YOU can be successful.

Good luck in your studies!

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Re: Simultaneously using Genki and AJATT

Post by Mattias » Mon 04.26.2010 4:47 pm

I'm mixing both, I've finished Genki but I'm currently doing all exercises in the workbook again, from lesson 1 to the end.

I have a deck for sentences, the AJATT way. I add sentences everyday, the once I like and think I'll be using. I also have a deck for vocab in Genki 1 and 2, and I have a deck for grammar points.

And like the AJATT guy did, I also use Heisig to learn to remember all the kanjis.

In the end, all you really need to do, is to at least do a little Japanese each day. SRS apps like Anki are great to get stuff into your head.

I'd also recommend Tagaini Jisho. ^.^

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