Genki Confusion Cleared

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Genki Confusion Cleared

Post by JapanCrazy » Fri 10.29.2010 6:58 pm

One of the happiest days of my young life was on June 17th, 2010 at 5:46 PM, when my Genki 1 series of textbook, workbook and audio cd arrived in the mail. I even frightened my mother when she thought I was screaming over the phone to her until she figured out that I was just excited and squealing my lungs out. I finally had a bona-fide source of education so that I could teach myself Japanese! I posted my elation on ‘My Japanese Page’ on facebook on the same day, and upon reflection, I was terribly cute:

“I'm laughing like a maniac and squealing for joy! Know why? GENKI 1 SERIES CAME TODAY!!!!! ::SQUEAL::” –Facebook, JapanCrazy, June 17th, 2010

I would often flip ahead to the back of the book when I was feeling the need to sate my Japan addiction, and I would fall in love with what was written in the last few pages, knowing that by the time I was finished with the book, I would know what it meant. Then something struck me as odd a little while later. Something didn’t seem to match up. There were two Lesson 1s in the textbook, and two Lesson 2s. So on and so forth. Now keep in mind that I was and still am teaching myself the language, so I had no one to explain this to me. Why was this?
Eventually I found a website, which I signed up for instantly, and in the chatroom that they host, I put the question to a friend that I had made on the site, Phreadom, a moderator. He had the Genki 1 book too, and I gave him the page number and asked him what he thought. He told me that it was possible that the second half of the first lessons where there for writing and reading comprehension, and suddenly, it all made a lot more sense, thanks to his help. So now I’m passing this knowledge onto you, just in case there’s anyone else out there who had the same problems I did. Phreadom was absolutely right. The second half of the lessons with the same number are for reading and writing comprehension, accompaniments to the first half.

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Re: Genki Confusion Cleared

Post by phreadom » Sat 10.30.2010 12:58 am

Not to be modest, but you did as much to figure it out as I did. :) I was just making a guess based on what you correctly pointed out as the incredible simplicity of that later set lessons, and the fact that they covered the reading/writing stuff specifically, which isn't really covered in the earlier set of lessons. Seemed like a good best guess. :)

I just feel silly for never having looked back there myself. :D I should probably do that, as I went all the way to Chapter 10 in Genki I and never did any writing lessons at all, and still haven't. :blush:

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