Things to write about

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Things to write about

Post by languagetapes » Sun 11.21.2010 5:29 am

I have just started Genki II and I want to start writing journal entries but I'm never to sure what to write about, especially since my knowledge of Japanese is very limited. Is there somewhere online where I can find subjects/themes to write about, something that I can write about with simple language?
I can probably think of things myself, but I'm really bad at thinking, "hey that's something I can write about" without changing my mind. I would just be more motivated if it's something that has been set for me.

Just thought I'd ask in this forum because I use Genki, and that way someone who knows Genki well would more likely come across it here.

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Re: Things to write about

Post by JapanCrazy » Sat 11.27.2010 4:22 pm

My advice would be to write about what happens in your day, like you're writing a letter to someone.
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Re: Things to write about

Post by NikonGirl » Mon 12.05.2011 4:55 am

I agree. Write as if youre talking to your best friend or someone you would tell anything to. Try to be as detailed as you can. I write a Japanese Journal and do flip through my dictionary or search online for the right conjugation at times, but it helps me learn more. I started 3 months ago and have noticed my entries are longer than when I first started and I am not going to the dictionary as often as I did.
Honestly I think I've learned more useful Japanese through journaling then memorizing words I may never use from my textbooks, lol!
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Re: Things to write about

Post by Pianogirl123 » Mon 12.05.2011 6:10 am

Random stuff to write about

1. How your last school/work project went
2. How to cook your favorite dish
3. What's your favorite store and what do you buy there
4. Something funny that happened between you and your friends recently
5. Why you're pissed at someone in your family
6. A) how your last date went B) what kind of guy/gal you are hoping to meet ;)

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