Using Minna No Nihongo to supplement Genki Book

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Using Minna No Nihongo to supplement Genki Book

Post by BlueStreak » Sat 02.11.2012 9:58 am

Hi, I am looking for a book to supplement Genki as Genki does not cover certain portion for the JLPT. Using Minna No Nihongo seems to make it more complete.

Could any one advise whether I should get minna no nihongo series or other any other book e.g"Dictionary of basic japanese grammar", " The Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary" etc. Thanks.

[P.S. I have just started self learning Japanese and currently have Genki textbook.]

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Re: Using Minna No Nihongo to supplement Genki Book

Post by Infidel » Fri 03.09.2012 10:57 pm

It is better to supplement a Japanese Course book with focused vocabulary/grammar/kanji/dictionary than supplement one course Ginki with another, Minna no Nihongo. For instance, if you are studying for the JLPT, then supplement your Genki course with a JLPT workbook of the appropriate level.

It's a little late I know, but I didn't see anyone else answer this, and it concerns a common mistake I see. Basically, every course is going to be focused towards some end, which may or may not be your personal focus. But another course doubles your workload, may end up not meeting your needs either, and leads to burnout

However, Genki is pretty good for the JLPT, I'm assuming you have the audio and workbooks as well, and not just the textbook. If you have the full course load, then it should prepare you for the JLPT. And you'd probably want a JLPT workbook anyway, and not just rely on Genki for the test(s). The real question to ask is if you really nead the JLPT, or are you just using it as some sort of waypoint.

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Re: Using Minna No Nihongo to supplement Genki Book

Post by SomeCallMeChris » Sat 03.10.2012 1:30 am

If you want to buy books to ensure JLPT coverage, you should probably buy JLPT books such as Kanzen Master or Sou-Matome ... I don't own either so my spelling may be off, but those are popular for people studying for the JLPT.

If you want to buy books to supplement effectively learning Japanese, I do recommend the Dictionary of (Basic,Intermediate,Advanced) Japanese Grammar.

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