Facebook Genki Study Group for Everyone

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Facebook Genki Study Group for Everyone

Post by Curry_Girl » Mon 05.28.2012 1:35 am

I was looking through this part of the forum the other day and I noticed people want to study the Genki series together and have study groups. I noticed some of them are old, but also thought that trying to have a group in a thread would be cluttered, as well as trying to PM everyone to figure out when the best time for everyone to study is, would be inconvenient. So I came up with the idea of a having a group page on facebook, where we can be more organized and it would be easier to announce when study sessions would be.

My hope is, if we get this going, to use The Japanese Study Room in TJP chat. And I'm going to try and keep it up to date and running as long as I can. So even if this post is old, check it out anyway. :)

Here is the link to the group, and click the join button and I will add you to the group.

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Re: Facebook Genki Study Group for Everyone

Post by DigiBanks99 » Wed 10.10.2012 4:44 pm

Yes, absolutely yes! Just a question though: is it possible to have different sessions for people who need practice on different lessons?

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