mistake in the 2nd edition Genki Answer Key

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mistake in the 2nd edition Genki Answer Key

Post by komugi » Fri 01.11.2013 10:19 am

this was my query to Japan Times about what I thought was a mistake in the 2nd ed answer key

2012年03月10日 01:32:08

My question concerns the Answer Key for the Genki Second Edition.

On page 46 of the 2nd edition Answer Key ... for 2nd edition Workbook Lesson 1 part 6 (page 122 of the 2nd edition workbook ... for section III #2 ... the word to copy and romanize is "last year" ... the answer in the Answer Key says it is "Shokugyoo" ... but the hirigana shown in the workbook seems to romanize to "kyonen".

When I have used the Answer Key to check myself I have always been able to figure out where I made my mistakes, such as writing a wrong hirigana character that has a similar sound but not the correct one ...... but in this case I am confused as to what the correct answer is.

Any guidance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


and this was the answer I received from them a few days later

Thank you very much for using Genki.

I'm sorry for the mistake in the answer key.
The correct answer for きょねん is "kyonen" as you said.
We missed changing it when we revised the first edition.
We will correct the answer key when reprinting.

Thank you very much for pointing that out.

Sincerely yours,

Tomomi Chida
The Japan Times


so if you have one of the early printings of the 2nd ed Genki books you probably have this mistake also ... if yours is a later printing, your copy may already have it corrected

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