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Post by 血まみれ剣術師 » Thu 06.16.2011 5:57 pm

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Re: Aid

Post by phreadom » Thu 06.16.2011 7:05 pm

As I said before, the decision has essentially already been made.

We're going to be migrating to a new server soon that has less memory available. We've been "trimming the fat" so to speak by removing parts of the site that aren't really being used, or rolling functionality back into the main site. The gallery was removed quite awhile back. The shoutbox is likely on the chopping block as well if the new chat that's being worked on works out well.

The Wiki requires the maintenance of another whole chunk of software, MediaWiki, and making sure that stays up to date, as well as having it be the third piece of software sharing authentication "hacks" to share authentication with the forum (the other being the main site itself which actually relies on the forum db to be the primary authentication point). Or you could technically say the second, since the chat actually authenticates against Drupal through manual hacks (due to the aforementioned other drupal/phpbb linker module altering the forum code to the point where the other method to link it with phpbb no longer works... another example of the problem of added complexity created by having too many disparate pieces of software kludged together), which puts it off-kilter with everything else because it doesn't share the same session information etc... but that's another ball of wax.

The point being, since there is basically a set amount of information on the Wiki, and much of it is actually redundant to articles already on the site, such as the rules, the FAQ, the IME guide, etc... these things should just be rolled into articles on the main site so long as they're easily found (improve the navigation menus, and/or simplify content flow to more readily expose the wealth of content).

So rather than writing up extra rules and policy pages for the wiki, maintaining extra software with kludges, and trying to "do everything" yet again, we plan on paring things down to get rid of some of the clutter and focusing on improving the key elements of the site and making content easier to find on that main site.

One of the main things people have said about my own little hobby site is that they love how clean and simple it is, and how easy it is to find things. We are faced far too often today with too much choice... too many choices... a deluge of information. I want to roll that back a bit on here to simplify things a bit.

I've basically said all of this before, but it seems to need repeating. The decision has been made, the wiki's days are already numbered, it's just a matter of getting a number of other bigger things out of the way first... redoing the chat to reduce server load and fix the session issues so that we can migrate the server... solving an nginx config problem that is breaking URL aliasing on the new server...

Then we might start looking at things like dropping the shoutbox once the new chat system is in place since it will beentirely redundant... possibly even the "Groups", since they add a pretty significant overhead to the site will little to show for it (a slew of extra database calls on page loads for something that almost never gets used)... another stagnant area of the site. More work on organizing the existing content into levels, lesson plans, etc... fleshing out the hierarchical main navigation menus... during which time the wiki will probably have its content be ported over and removed to further slim down the site and streamline the content.

There are more plans in the works for when we get to that point that we'll talk about when we get there, but that should basically cover the bases for now.

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