Android App - Aedict [dictionary]

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Android App - Aedict [dictionary]

Post by celticflower » Tue 05.11.2010 5:17 pm

Further info from the website:

An english-japanese dictionary for Android which uses Jim Breen's edict data. Does not require japanese keyboard. Works offline. The dictionary data is downloaded automatically.

You can find the development news on twitter:

* simple user interface, tested on HTC Magic. No settings, just type a word and do a search
* Automatic download of the indexed EDict/Kanjidic/Tanaka dictionaries (Warning: the dictionaries files are quite large, e.g. English EDict zip file is 8mb long, which may take some time. Perform this download over a Wi-Fi or with a quick internet access if possible)
* Allows automatic download of a German/French EDict, the names dictionary and the computer terminology dictionary
* Once the dictionary is downloaded it works completely off-line
* Kanjipad for drawing and searching kanji characters
* Search kanji characters by radicals and stroke numbers
* Shows a kanji analysis in a word
* SKIP search (a search based on the kanji visual look)
* Custom dictionaries
* Optionally shows romaji instead of hiragana/katakana - good for beginner learners. Also provides a hiragana/katakana learning table.
* Search in Tanaka Example sentences
* Optional verb deinflection (e.g. searching for あえない will find あう)
* Kanji drawing order for more than 1500 kanjis
* A basic sentence translation
* Integration with Simeji
* Verb conjugations with example sentences
* Integrates with Android Search (Android 1.6 or higher only)

Aedict requires Android 1.5 or higher.

Available at the Android Market. Just search for "aedict" or browse the Travel category. To download the Indexer please follow the Downloads link.
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