JWPce and pasting text

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JWPce and pasting text

Post by Sivak » Tue 10.23.2012 10:16 am

Okay, so I use this application as my main word processor. It gets the job done well enough, but when pasting text in certain places, it doesn't seem to work correctly. Rather than correctly pasting the text, it instead pastes an image of the text. Like it somehow converts whatever text is copied into an image and pastes that. The thing that makes this even more bizarre is it doesn't always happen. Most text boxes it pastes text correctly, but in other things I get an image. The only way to rectify this is to paste into something I know won't make an image, copy that again, and THEN paste that to the desired source.

Anyone have any ideas about any of this?

Roy Candler
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Re: JWPce and pasting text

Post by Roy Candler » Fri 11.16.2012 4:44 pm

I'm a keen user of JWPce, and would like to know more about this problem you are having (I don't often visit TJP so haven't seen your post before). Could you explain what you mean by "an image"? And where are you pasting it - into another .jce file, or into another application?

All I've ever experienced that's in any way similar is when I copy/paste a bit of text into JWPce that has, somewhere, a character that JWPce doesn't recognise, in which case what gets pasted is "raw" data in the form of Romaji, percent signs and suchlike. Is this anything like what you are experiencing?


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