Help: Translation Japanese for Zelda Tatoo

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Help: Translation Japanese for Zelda Tatoo

Post by Maxjprg » Fri 06.06.2014 6:05 pm


I'm working in a Tatoo shop in Paris and I need some help to understand some Japanese caracters for a work.

I'm designing a tatoo based on the famous video game "The legend of Zelda"
In this game you have an invented original language: The Hylian. Hylian caracters are based on Japanese caracters.

Im interested in 2 alphabets of this list:
The "Old Hylian" from "Ocarina of time":
The "New Hylian" from "The WInd Waker":

Those 2 alphabet are based on japanses caraters and that's why I am here.

In the tatoo I need to put 5 words: "East", "West", "North", "South" and "Center" or "Middle" or anything of the same meaning.
If I check for example the traduction of the word "East" with google traduction I get a caracter that is not in the grid of the caracters of the Hylian language from the site i juste linked to you.

So i'm lost, I was hoping to get some help from japanese skeaping people to get a translation of the words I need with the caracters present in the grid, in order to get a connection to a Hylian character.

Ideally, since the point is to do something pretty and not absolutly acurate I would like to be able to get the traduction of my words : East, West, North, South and Center into Hylian thanks to the japanses translation in the 2 alphabet I linked.
In that way I can then chose which one is the prettiest to use.

I'm aware that it's an original request and I would take absolutly any help you got.

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Help: Translation Japanese for Zelda Tatoo

Post by Dustin » Sat 06.07.2014 12:03 am

Looks like what they did was use the ciphers on the pronunciation of words, which is why the characters you get do not show up.

East 東pronounced ひがし 「 ヒガシ 」
West 西 pronounced にし 「 ニシ 」
North  北 pronounced きた 「 キタ 」
South 南 pronounced みなみ  「 ミナミ 」

Center/middle is usually 中 pronounced なか 「 ナカ 」 as far as I've come across it, but I'm not positive if it would be used in this context or not.

You can then just take the pronunciations and stick them into your ciphers to get the hylian equivalent.

Use at your own risk of course :p

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