Japanese language school experiances and recomendations

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Japanese language school experiances and recomendations

Post by xenocide7 » Wed 01.30.2008 4:13 am

Hi, I have been a member for quite some time , and have been looking for a language school in Japan,

If you have ever been to a Japanese language program in japan, please name the school , the extent of your stay, and a description about it. Please Be sure to include why you liked it (if you did) and if you would recommend it to others.if you feel comfortable ,i would also request you would please inform me of the price and location. hopefully with some help, this will become a valuable resource for all members at the TJP, who like my self are trying to find a language school. I got this idea , from seeing poll on the main page . I'm sure all those people would be thankful for your contribution as well.
thanks you all for your help :D

(Yes i did search Google and the site for this post , NO- i did not find what i was looking for , or i would not have posted.)
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