question about kadakana,please. fro china

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question about kadakana,please. fro china

Post by huanghe » Sat 07.30.2005 8:28 am

at first,i was wondering why the kadakana sounds so strange if you compare it with the original English. then i found that kai lai go(外来语) is not made by the original pronounciation. so i took some effort to make it now. Please judge my answer and give more details plz.

like radio.. you just devide it into Jp sillable. like ra di o-- that is ラヂオ
so this is all how the 外来语 is made? anymore constructive intruction?
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RE: question about kadakana,please. fro china

Post by LordDisa » Sat 07.30.2005 9:53 am

Even after going through the "Let's Learn Katakana" book, I'm still pretty sure I'll have to learn most of the loan words (外来語 - がいらいご - gairaigo) one by one to get them correct. The book went through the general rules for transliterating English words to Katakana, but once it hit the exercises, I was only getting about 50-75% of them correct. With set rules, I tend to do alright, but the English-to-Katakana transliterations seem to involve an excessive amount of guesswork.

Often times I'd mistakenly use ディ when the answer called for チ, using a -a sound katakana instead of a -o one when the English word has an o that is pronounced with an "ah" sound and then finding out that the answer called for an -o sound katakana, using ル when the correct answer called for some other way of producing an L sound, and then adding ッ or ー when they weren't needed, or missing them when they were needed. For the most part, the loan words seem to use the pronunciation that most closely matches the English pronunciation, but I've found many cases where my answer was closer to the English pronunciation than the correct answer.
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RE: question about kadakana,please. fro china

Post by Gakusha » Mon 08.01.2005 8:57 pm

"Radio" is spelled ラジオ。 The デイ sound is rarely used. Also remember that when forming katakana words, you need to remain as close as possible to the pronounciation, but your alphabet is limited. Generally, only the syllables on a basic katakana chart are used.

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RE: question about kadakana,please. fro china

Post by kydancer0123 » Mon 08.01.2005 9:09 pm

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