E-mail group...welcome join in

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E-mail group...welcome join in

Post by huanghe » Sat 07.30.2005 8:39 am

well, i think i prefer to use E-mail...so, the administrator. please leave your working email...i 'd like to write to you if i have any question..
of course .any one can leave their e-mail here for culture exchange....

Mine: smallyellowriver@hotmail.com

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RE: E-mail group...welcome join in

Post by mandolin » Thu 08.04.2005 6:31 am

Just a note, you might want to splat that e-mail address because there are bots that roam the internet that scan forums like this just to yank e-mail addresses from them. So, you might want to write it like "smallyellowriver :at: hotmail.com" and most people will figure out what you mean.

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