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Magazine Subscription

Post by Kisshu » Fri 02.01.2008 6:39 pm

Question. Anybody know if it is possible to get a Japanese magazine subscription? I really am not that picky about the genre... Actually, I'm pretty much OK with any type of popular magazine that isn't a "men's magazine" or anime/manga related. But that's a little bit off topic, isn't it?
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RE: Magazine Subscription

Post by Wakannai » Fri 02.01.2008 7:03 pm

You can subscribe to the Nihongo Journal and Hiragana times with no doubt. I'm sure there are other ones out there.

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RE: Magazine Subscription

Post by terence_hideyoshi » Fri 02.01.2008 10:29 pm

Hmm. Wakannai san, Nihongo Journal is about what? Is it similar to Hiragana times?

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RE: Magazine Subscription

Post by Koryo » Fri 02.01.2008 10:36 pm

If you're interested in subscriptions to magazines that don't usually ship outside of Japan, Sasuga Books offers a fairly wide welection of import subscriptions. I've also had subscriptions through CDJapan before. They have a more limited selection of genres, but a wider selection within the genres they do carry. I'm sure there are other companies that offer similar services, but Sasuga and CDJapan are the only two I've had experience with. Be prepared to pay a lot for shipping one way or the other.

If you happen to order a subscription through CDJapan then move to Japan while the subscription is active, they can't change the shipping address to a local one. They did however cancel my subscription and promptly refund the remainder of the subscription.

If you're interested in older magazines issues (i.e., not current), don't forget The Japan Shop. This tends to be a much cheaper alternative.
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RE: Magazine Subscription

Post by Nibble » Fri 02.01.2008 11:15 pm

You can also subscribe to magazines at There's a wide selection, but it's a bit expensive. You do get a discount if you order a full year's subscription, however.

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RE: Magazine Subscription

Post by chchan45 » Fri 02.01.2008 11:24 pm

terence_hideyoshi wrote:
Hmm. Wakannai san, Nihongo Journal is about what?
I do not mean any offence, but I think the answer to this type of question can be easily found by a simple search on the web. Questions like this, unfortunately, make people more disinclined to assist you.
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