Oishii and Umai

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Oishii and Umai

Post by maigensou » Sun 02.17.2008 10:36 am

I always hear the japanese male use 'umai', but they use 'oishii' too. But the girls, I've never heard of japanese girls saying 'umai' before. Is it 'wrong' for girls to use umai, like for example they also cannot really use 'da' or 'omae' or 'boku' or 'ore' because its too manly?

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RE: Oishii and Umai

Post by kevinnwhat » Sun 02.17.2008 11:37 am

i hear girls usually use "mazui" for bad tasting.

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RE: Oishii and Umai

Post by Yudan Taiteki » Sun 02.17.2008 12:25 pm

うまい to mean "delicious" has a somewhat masculine sound to it, although I think females use it somewhat often -- definitely more often than おれ or おまえ. When うまい is used to mean "skilled", I don't think it is markedly masculine at all.
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RE: Oishii and Umai

Post by Kisshu » Sun 02.17.2008 7:41 pm

I've heard quite a few girls use うまい and おいしい.

And times are changing with the だ.There are quite a few girls who use that now.. quite a few girls who use that now...
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