Kanji dictionary horror stories

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Kanji dictionary horror stories

Post by Wakannai » Tue 02.19.2008 3:23 am

I'm sure we all have them.

Lately, I've started to try to follow the faceless method and play EQ2 in Japanese mode. For now, all that means is I log in and then stand in place and spend a few hours translating my spells and skills.


Unfortunatly, the text isn't the optimal size, so I can't always get a good read of the kanji. for the most part I've been pretty good at finding stuff, but last night I spend about 2 hours trying to find 率. Because the font was small, the center area just looked like a black blob. so my first instinct was it used the radical ぼう。 That belief that it was a variation of 来 but without the bottom slashes kept my busy for a while. When I finally figured out that it could not have a center line, well, I had to basically guess, and since I couldn't even guess the number of strokes, I had to basically go through the entire index for each radical before I finally arrived at the one I needed, another hour later.

On the other hand, I can't seem to forget how to write that character now. おかしいですね。  It's amazing how much that extra effort looking up a word kanji translates it directly into long-term storage.

Any other Kanji horror stories?
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Re: Kanji dictionary horror stories

Post by ColinDC » Mon 02.25.2008 2:20 pm

That's really dedicated, I would have asked for help on the internet after 45 minutes tops!

I look up kanji with a stylus (漢字そのままDS楽引き辞典), which seems to work pretty good for small hard to read kanji with lots of strokes.
But for 狐 I spent like half an hour scribbling away without results before giving up and looking in my paper dictionary where I found it in like two minutes.
And now I'll never forget 狐.

Effort really does help a ton in memorization, that's why I don't use flashcards anymore.

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