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Postby Ben_a_hunt » Wed 05.07.2008 9:23 am

 Hey guys.

I wasn't entirely sure where this should go, so I put it in the General section. If it's wrong, I apologise and please move it.

So I live in Japan, I have a Japanese Cellphone, and I never really use a computer long enough to use Japanese learning software on the computer. But I'm always using my Keitai. So I was wondering, does anyone know any good Japanese study programs for Japanese Cellphones, or maybe a good I-mode website? (I've searched, but I just can't find any!) I have パケホーダイ(Spelling?) so I'm ALWAYS using I-mode service. I'm with Docomo just so you know...

So anyway, if you guys can help me, please do! I'd love to get my hands on any type of Japanese learning program for Keitai, or a site I can visit while I'm waiting for trains and what-not.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Take care!
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Re: 日本語のケータイアプリ

Postby maruichan » Sat 05.24.2008 4:54 am

Jim Breen's (Thank you, Jim Breen) website offers a keitai dictionary search option. (look at the buttons)

As far as applications for phones go, it is dependent on the phone. You will have to look at the specifications of your phone to find out what applications it support. Most generic phones will support java now. Japanese phones are much more advanced than what us Americans are used to, so possibly it has an OS that will support more advanced software as well.

Again, my knowledge is on Western technology. But it is easier with a smartphone. A smartphone is catered to downloading applications and it comes with all the cables and such. Usually with most phones you have to purchase software through your carrier or buy special software/hardware to connect the phone to your computer to upload anything. You may be able to send it to yourself through the web though, but I don't know the limitations of that. Japanese phones may be more advanced than this, I don't know.

If you can get around that limitation and find out what your phone will support (by determining the software platform and OS), you can also look through this list (again, thank you Jim Breen):

http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/japa ... s_software

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
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