1 Year Japanese Exchange Program

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street fighter
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1 Year Japanese Exchange Program

Post by street fighter » Wed 08.10.2005 1:42 am

Hi everyone. I know this has been posted before but, I am going on a 1 year exchange offered by my high school, in about 6 months (i know its a while) and I am really excited but nervous. I don't know where I will be yet (my guess is one of the major cities) and I don't know my host family. I can speak Japanese adequately, but as part of preperation, I am taking a college course in conversational Japanese. If anyone can give advise or recomendations they would be most appreciated. What is high school life like in Japan? Will all the girls really go crazy over me like some of the posts I have read say?:D How can I get the most out of my experience?
Thanks everyone:)

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RE: 1 Year Japanese Exchange Program

Post by Alpha9 » Fri 08.12.2005 12:37 am

Well.... if you have blond (maybe long) hair and blue eyes, and you're not in a city with a lot of foreigners, then most likely a lot of girls will go crazy. Especially if you're going to a high school. My friend is in Japan right now for 1 year because he joined that exchange thing too, but he is living in a more rural part of Japan (I am not sure where), so you might end up living with a rural family going to a small town. Good luck!

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RE: 1 Year Japanese Exchange Program

Post by AaRoN » Fri 08.12.2005 3:31 pm

ummm....i wanna go on that now
i've got long blonde hair and blue eyes lol:D
I don't understand.......Why can't i fly????

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RE: 1 Year Japanese Exchange Program

Post by Kates » Mon 08.15.2005 9:50 am

Living and studying in Japan is such an amazing experience. Make sure you know why you are going, what you want to accomplish, and what you want to do before you leave... and then make sure you meet all your goals before you catch that plane home! You NEVER know when you'll get this chance again!

First, be prepared for the Japanese to 'ooh' and 'aah' at your Japanese skills. Whether you just mutter a 'sumimasen', you'll be told "waah, Nihongo wa jouzu desu ne!" Oh, and if you can use chopsticks/hashi as well... you'll impress the (tabi)socks off of them. :D I often felt a little insulted when I heard these compliments; I mean... just cuz I'm American, you think I can't speak Japanese or use chopsticks?! But, take it in stride. We're broadening each others' cultural horizons. ^_^

Second: Don't go home with regrets! Like I said before, make sure you know what you wanna do and then you do it because this may be your only chance! Travel! Speak Japanese! Try LOTS of different food! Japan is an amazing country and I sure hope you discover why for yourself. ^_^ Enjoy! Gabatte!!

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