Pronunciation of G and Z/J.

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Pronunciation of G and Z/J.

Post by Destruction_Song » Sat 06.07.2008 4:33 am

I've heard the "g" sound not pronounced as a hard "g" but more like "ng." And the z/j sound like "zh" ,"j" or "z". I was wondering if the pronunciation affects the word or the word affects the pronunciation or it's just some weird personal thing that the speaker affects.

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Re: Pronunciation of G and Z/J.

Post by Sairana » Sat 06.07.2008 6:57 pm

Nasalization of the 'g' phoneme into something closer to 'ng' is situational. Some do it all of the time, some never do, and some do it for certain words and/or letter combinations.

'z' is more difficult. it's not exactly the same as the english 'z', and rather difficult to describe, IMHO. However, the Japanese ear, I am told, cannot distinguish the Japanese 'z' from the English 'z' anyway.

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