Female First-Person Pronoun

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Female First-Person Pronoun

Post by KuzioKuzbucket » Sun 06.29.2008 7:43 pm

Hi Everyone,

I want to write short stories to practise my Japanese. One of my main characters is a heterosexual female in her early twenties. She's a travelling adventurer with a very brash, tom-boyish and somewhat violent personality (although she's not the type to scream "girl power" every five minutes).

My question is, what first-person pronoun should she use in casual situations? Atashi sounds way too feminine for her personality. I've heard that some Japanese girls use 'boku', but I don't want her to sound like a ten-year old. Would ore be overly masculine for her? I guess I could use watashi, but in my (limited) anime/manga experience, that seems to come off as feminine in casual situations.

By the way, I'm going for standard (Tokyo) dialect here, since I know nothing about other Japanese dialects (not even the ever-present Osaka-ben!).

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Re: Female First-Person Pronoun

Post by becki_kanou » Sun 06.29.2008 8:39 pm

Despite what you may have have seen in anime/ manga, the great majority of Japanese women use watashi or atashi (some Kansai women use uchi).

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