Best Kimono/obi deal

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RE: Best Kimono/obi deal

Post by yankumi » Mon 08.15.2005 12:00 am

This is really not within the budget range you are looking for, but this is a wonderful site to peruse

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RE: Best Kimono/obi deal

Post by Kates » Mon 08.15.2005 9:40 am

Well, first you should decide on whether you want a kimono/obi set... or a yukata/obi set. Honestly, I'm surprised you haven't found a cheap yukata, since all they are is thin cotton (usually) and the obi they come with are typically pretty cheap. You can buy a nice yukata in Japan for around $50.

Now, a KIMONO... that's a whole 'nother story. Really good kimono can cost into the thousands of dollars--no joke. And That doesn't include an obi. Kimono are typically made out of very good quality fabric: silk, wool, etc. and the same goes for obi, which some are even hand-painted or embroidered.

Now, I hate to post and say I don't know any sites... but I don't. ): Did you try ebay and Yahoo! auctions? And... what about the advertisers on this site...? I see one right now, to the right, for and went there and they have a beautiful selection... though, whether they're in your price range will be for you to decide. ^^;

Good luck, ebear. If you ever find yourself in Japan, look for used kimono shops... that's where I got my kimono set... for about $20 USD. ^^;

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