I need Japanese voice actors

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I need Japanese voice actors

Post by rakansen » Tue 08.19.2008 2:24 pm

I apologize in advance if there is a better place to put this thread; I couldn't find any category that suited my topic very well, so I figured general discussion would be fine.

Now, on to the topic...If you by chance are interested in Halo 3, (or even if you merely enjoy movies,) and can speak Japanese, then you should consider joining my machinima! For those who don't know, a machinima is a genre of movies created via video game engines. Halo 3 is especially good for making machinima, because of its theater mode.

I will say right now, that I do make the Japanese out to be the bad guys in my machinima. I have nothing against Japan- in fact I love it! I wouldn't be here on these forums if not. It could have been any country, but Japan most interests me. I needed a plot, so I came up with this whole thing that's supposed to happen years after the Halo games take place. The only thing is, I wasn't sure how to make the Japanese characters talk. Maybe they should speak with an accent? Maybe they should speak plain English and leave it up to the audience's imagination? Well I thought both sounded lame, personally. XD It'd be ten times cooler if I had them speak Japanese. Then I could just subtitle it for the English-speaking viewers.

Annywho, I only have two main Japanese characters available, but then I have a ton of minor characters to fill too. This may not be the end of my list of main characters, either. I'm still coming up with stuff as I go along.

This is the thread I started on Bungie.net. It describes the plot and characters in detail. If you're interested, you can post your voice recording here, unless you already have an account at Bungie.net. You don't necessarily need X-Box Live, either. I could record the video, and you could record the sound, if necessary.

Thanks for your time, and sorry for the wall of text, I tend to ramble. ^^;;

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