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Google Earth

Post by Christian_ » Thu 08.18.2005 11:19 am

Does anyone want to see a birds eye view of japan or anywhere else in the world? If you do you can go to and search Google Earth. Click the first thing that comes up and download it for free. If you want you can pay 20$ for the upgraded version. I downloaded it (the free version) and its very cool I can zoom in on the streets of tokyo and then instantly put in my exact address and itll zoom into my neighboor hood from space in like 3 seconds its very cool. You can basically explore the whole world. Um just trying to be helpful i hope anyone finds this intresting. Ill add a picture of the grandcanyon when using Google Earth.:) oh yeah and as far as im concerened I downloaded it and I have tons of virus protection etc and I didnt get any viruses so its a clean virus free download.;)
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RE: Google Earth

Post by Supergrunch » Thu 08.18.2005 11:30 am

If you go to Tokyo with towns on, you can see the insane number of Japanese towns in this area. ;)

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RE: Google Earth

Post by toni » Thu 08.18.2005 11:48 am

Cool! :)

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RE: Google Earth

Post by Shibakoen » Thu 08.18.2005 12:37 pm

I wonder how often their satellite pictures are updated because some areas near where I live are still black, and they still show a major highway near here while it was still under construction.

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RE: Google Earth

Post by shizuka » Sun 09.04.2005 12:15 am

My area is outdated too. I think I read somewhere that it took them about 5 or so years to get all the pictures.
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