Courses in Kyoto

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Courses in Kyoto

Post by charnette » Thu 08.21.2008 10:44 am

New to this site, I'm hoping that I'll find what I'm searching for here.

I want to go to Kyoto and study japanese for a while, a couple of months. I've googled information, but can only seem to find University studies and such. I'm not studying for credits, but for learning the language, hence I don't need more than a diploma when I'm finished. :)

So my question is - do anyone of you out there (here) know of any language courses in Kyoto (it HAS to be Kyoto)? Plz, let me know.
All information is more than welcome!

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Re: Courses in Kyoto

Post by Harisenbon » Thu 08.21.2008 7:58 pm

First, welcome to the forum!

Second, you say you don't want to go to a university, but want a diploma. In most cases, accredited universities/schools are the only ones that can give out diplomas. Perhaps you meant a certificate of completion?

What are you planning to do about a visa? There are some language schools that give out student visa, but most of them (I believe) are through universities. There are non-university accredited language schools that can also supply visas, but they may be more difficult to find.

I ran a search on google for "kyoto language school" and found a large number of links. ... age+school
There's the Kyoto YMCA
as well as the Japanese Language school database. ... /kinki.htm

Happy searching!
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