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Kanji Is Scaring Me!

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Kanji Is Scaring Me!

Postby MetalSlime23 » Sat 08.20.2005 11:32 am

I haven't exactly started studying Kanji yet, but it confuses me to no end when I look at it. I picked up some Kanji flashcards from a local bookstore where I live which has the first 900 or so. What I don't understand is how one Kanji can mean three different words, ("ichi" for example, lists a few different things that mean "one") and what an"on" reading is as well as a "kun" reading. When I look at Japanese text with Kanji, I notice that is is combined with Hirigana and Katakana, and when I look at a Romaji translation, syllables seem to come out of nowhere, or are missing entirely. I figure I'll understand this in given time, but can anyone explain what an "on" and "kun" reading is? I want to start studying, but I feel I need to dicard a lot of the confusion before I'm going to get anywhere. :o:
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RE: Kanji Is Scaring Me!

Postby battousai » Sat 08.20.2005 12:26 pm

This is one of my favorite "asked a lot" questions because I can always refer to this post:
http://www.thejapanesepage.com/forum/vi ... ?f=7&t=462

The first replier gives a great answer to your first question, and then if you have the second common question, I give a decent reply myself heh.

As for motivation on studying Kanji, I can also add this thread:
http://www.thejapanesepage.com/forum/vi ... ?f=9&t=1192
which is literally from today.
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RE: Kanji Is Scaring Me!

Postby sakura_joshin » Sat 08.20.2005 2:54 pm

*nod* I'm having alot of the same problems. I can see how a word could have multiple meanings- it happens in English just as much. I don't get the 'kun' and 'no' thing either, though. Also, kanji is usually combined with hiragana (you cannot write any verb in the japanese language with kanji alone).
BoA rocks! :D
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