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Postby heilong-gou » Thu 08.25.2005 8:55 pm

1.)(for those who have been to China)

2.)(for those who have been to Great Britain)

Which would be more formal when addressing a male master?
先生, 師父, or お師匠様 ?

and 4.)(for those familiar with Buddhist deities)
What's a vajra and its purpose? ( I think a vajra is also known as 金剛 . )

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RE: 質問がある!

Postby CviCvraeVtMoriar » Fri 08.26.2005 6:13 am

Vajra is a Sankrit word which means "lightning" or "thunderbolt". I think that the god Indra wields it or something.

Vajrayana is one of the primary branches of Buddhism.
Ni di me non pvlchrvm paterentvr, omnia bona agerem. Dixit: Cvr se deos liqvisse? Qvid se faceret? Di se fecissent foediorem qvam qvem canis ipse videre posset. Qvaeram a qvovis, vel diabolo, vt bellvs a se fiam modo ne malam vitam vivam. Dico, si aliter egissent, fvtvrvm fvisse vt bene viverem. - me
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