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Chat Rules

Post by redfoxer » Sat 08.27.2005 6:37 am

[center]Chat Rules[/center]
[center]revision 1.5[/center]

These are the rules on how you must abide by using Chat. Everytime you enter chat, you are Agreeing to abide by these rules. If you choose not to, then do not enter chat or be prepared for a ban.

1. Do NOT ask to be admin. Do you know how many people have asked to be a moderator? The world thinks its good enough to be a mod but that doesnt mean it gets to be one. If we want you to be a mod, we will ask. If not, tough luck.

2. No profanity. For those who don't understand, its a no swearing rule.

3. No spamming. Its ok to say something in quick succession. Even to repeat something. But to constantly say something, even its because "nobody answered my question", spamming will not be tolerated. Theres usually a reason why people didnt answer your question. They could be busy or they can plain just not know. Spamming your question is guaranteed to get you nowhere and alot of people ignoring you.

4. Be polite. I thought this would be really obvious but some people don't understand what manners are.

5. Please keep the CAP LOCKS TO THE MINIMUM. It looks like your shouting at someone therefore breaking rule 4.

6. A moderators decision is final. If they see fit to ban you, then tough luck. Good luck on finding a better place to chat and learn japanese. As most people who use chat knows, the mods here do not ban without a valid reason and the mods are very nice people. Some mods may be more tolerant then others but thats your choice if you wish to risk a ban.

7. Be nice to mods. This is mainly an extension to rule 4...and as i said. i think it would be obvious. The quickest way to a ban is to insult a mod. Seriously, its like jumping of a cliff. With concrete shoes. And an 800lb sumo wrestler on your back.

8. If anyone wishes to complain about someone else please PM a admin/mod and they will try to assist you with any problems as soon as possible.

9. Try to stick to rooms. Don't enter the japanese chat room and then complain about how everyone is chatting in japanese. Abit obvious but I thought I'd give it a mention. Remember, the "The Lounge" is General hence the topic can be about absolutely anything (almost).

11. Impersonating an Admin/mod or pretending to be one when asked is an immediate ban. This includes using the mod/admin icon for room or listing icons.

12. Use of offensive names will make a mod issue you a request for you to change name. If you dont reply/change your name, you will be banned without questions. You may neither login with more than one screen name at once.

If you get banned from the chat room, any of your forum accounts will also be banned.

Rumour - You can log in again once you've been banned, by using a different user name.
Truth - Alot of people "think" that they can, but the truth is, the first ban issued is always a kick (unless the first offence was serious). This serves as a last warning. Any further misbehaviour will result in a perma ban (permanent ban).

These are the main rules to chat. If you have any questions, you can always ask a moderator. The reason they exist is to help everyone with any problems. They will resolve confilcts, help with japanese, or just be there to chat about anything you wish.

If there are any questions concerning the chat room (problems or just general questions), feel free to PM me or any other admin.

Thank you for reading the rules. Happy chatting and Japanese studying! Ganbatte ne!

any other problems you can notice or suggestions, please pm me! *unfinished revision...not enough time!*

[Removed "Flash" from "Flash Chat Rules" I think it mostly still applies -Paul]
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RE: Flash Chat Rules

Post by coco » Sat 09.03.2005 8:02 pm



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RE: Flash Chat Rules

Post by yankumi » Sat 09.03.2005 8:40 pm

how to you identify the mods/administrators?

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RE: Flash Chat Rules

Post by Daisuke » Sun 09.04.2005 4:56 am

DonnaP wrote:
how to you identify the mods/administrators?
Most of them has an 'A' icon next to their name. But they are also always listed on the top no matter what letter their name start with.

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RE: Flash Chat Rules

Post by redfoxer » Mon 06.05.2006 12:18 pm

[Edit: Note this is now obsolete -Paul]

when inside flashchat, there should a little button next to the drop down box at the top of the room (default setting would be "room: The lounge"). Next to it is add. you click that button then select the relevent options/characteristics you wish your room to have (private/public) and then name your room. et voila, a new room you have just created.
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