Ranks in the military

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Ranks in the military

Post by heilong-gou » Sun 08.28.2005 12:40 am

Hiya! オレは黒龍号!

While watching animes such as 鋼の錬金術師 and ケロロ軍曹, I noticed that titles that are used in the military were used, such as colonel or warrant officer. For those who are curious to know what those titles (and others) are in Japanese, here's a list :

(By the way, I'm listing the ranks from smallest to largest.)

二等兵 ( nitouhei )= Private
一等兵 ( ittouhei )=Private
上等兵 ( joutouhei )=1st-class Private
兵長 ( heichou )=Lance Corporal
伍長 ( gochou )=Corporal
軍曹 ( gunsou )=Sergeant
曹長 ( souchou )=Sergeant Major
特務曹長 ( tokumu souchou )=Special Sergeant Major
准尉 ( jun'i )=Warrant Officer
少尉 ( shou'i )=2nd Lieutenant
中尉 ( chuu'i )=1st Lieutenant
大尉 ( tai'i)=Captain
少佐 ( shousa )=Major
中佐 ( chuusa )=Lieutenant Colonel
大佐 ( taisa )=Colonel
准将 ( junshou )=Brigadier General
少将 ( shoushou )=Major General
中将 ( chuujou )=Lieutenant General
大将 ( daishou )=General
元帥 ( gensui )=General of the Army

This I'm not sure what rank this is :

総大将 ( soudaishou )=Supreme Commander

That's all for now. じゃまた!

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RE: Ranks in the military

Post by Inexactitude » Sun 08.28.2005 12:58 am

Wow, thanks a lot. I've always been really interested in this subject but kept forgeting to do research on it.

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RE: Ranks in the military

Post by Kates » Sun 08.28.2005 9:28 am

I found "commander-in-cheif / leader / captain / boss" for 'soudaishou'.... in case that means anything to you. >_>

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