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Japanese names

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Japanese names

Postby MarieKawaii » Wed 02.04.2009 5:13 am

I like to ask questions about kanji and kana XD
I have seen in my Japanese mangas that mostly of the names is in kanji , but only few have there names in kana (maybe 1-2) is there many Japanese names in kana ?
and do the Japanese kids learn to write there name in kana or in kanji in the beginning, or do they learn to write that later when they go in middle school or earlier ?

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Re: Japanese names

Postby keatonatron » Wed 02.04.2009 8:47 am

Kana is traditionally considered more feminine, and recently girl's names using hiragana and no kanji are becoming more common.

Kids learn hiragana first, and so using all hiragana has a childish feel to it. Japanese kids probably learn the kanji for their own names pretty soon, but I assume they can't write the kanji for their friends' names.
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