Kanji Box 1.2μ on facebook

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Kanji Box 1.2μ on facebook

Post by KendoForLife » Thu 02.05.2009 4:54 am

I tried a search and it seems like there is no topic about the facebook apllication "Kanji Box" here yet.
You need to have a facebook account in order to add this application and the link is here: http://apps.facebook.com/kanjibox/ (I'm not sure if you need to be logged-in to be able to see that page)

It has all the JLPT level kanjis and you can adjust your settings to the level you're studying for.

I've only just started with the 4kyu kanji package and I'm getting 90% of them correct now. Of course choosing the right kanji out of 4 to match an english word doesn't automatically make you remember the kanji if you have to write it yourself, but I think it's a nice and easy way to get started and get familiar with your first kanji. It also keeps your score so you can see your progress.

Has anyone else here tried "kanji box"? Would you consider it useful for beginners? Is it accurate enough to be a reliable study source?

For me it's a nice and easy way to be doing some Japanese during working hours.... :wink: *looks around innocently*

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