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Help finding classes

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Help finding classes

Postby Murdoc Murdoc » Fri 09.02.2005 10:38 pm

Hi I was wondering if any one could help me I'm trying to find a class or group or something to help me lern I'v prety much got as far as I think I can get in trying to teach myself japanese so I decided to take classes to help me lern more but I can't find anything were I live so dose any one know of a site that might list classes or groups in differnt areas or something like that I'v serched in yahoo and google and havn't found anything oh I live in north carolina If maby someone else is from here that might know of anything around here Thanks to anyone that can help
Murdoc Murdoc
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RE: Help finding classes

Postby neocarbunkle » Sat 09.03.2005 9:46 am

collge would be the best place I would think to look
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RE: Help finding classes

Postby Murdoc Murdoc » Sat 09.03.2005 3:00 pm

I'm not going to colledge I'm still in high school sort of and I can't affored to goto colledge can anyone think of anything else
Murdoc Murdoc
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RE: Help finding classes

Postby mandolin » Sat 09.03.2005 3:27 pm

If your high school doesn't offer it, your only real choice is a college/university course.

Most colleges allow people to take single classes (sometimes they will call these students "Undeclared" ) . I am not too certain if there's a high school diploma requirement for taking classes in this way, however. You would have to ask your local college/university.

Also, some colleges do make courses that are high school level, but again, that's not every college. And yes, you would have to pay for the course itself, but one class is nowhere near the cost of a full college tuition, so it may be in your (or your parents' ) budget after all.

Aside from that, self-study is one of your only recourses. Audio instructional CDs may also help you, but the best (Pimsleur) tend to be about as pricey as a college course.
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