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RE: Sushi HIGH

Post by lomagu » Tue 09.20.2005 5:57 am

I like wasabi ice cream! :p The cream does counteract the spicy-ness so it's a surprisingly good combo. I guess you'd have to like the actual wasabi taste to like the ice cream though. Really though, the wasabi flavour isn't that strong.

By the way, wasabi senbei is oishii too. I've also tried some wasabi cookies that were good. They were kinda like rice crispy squares, but not sticky. Instead of marshmallows, they were stuck together with wasabi flavoured white chocolate.

Maybe I'm just a wasabi freak. I have a wasabi keitai strap. ;)
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RE: Sushi HIGH

Post by roosh » Thu 09.22.2005 11:48 am

wahaha...yea sushi rockz...i love it having with loads of 酱sos ...but wasabi doesn't really suits ain't tht spicy but it just numbs my tougue totally!

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