Pronunciation of 四段 (karate level)

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Re: Pronunciation of 四段 (karate level)

Post by two_heads_talking » Wed 12.30.2009 3:13 pm

mandypandy275 wrote:Maybe its both youdan and yondan, just as it happens with nihon and nippon which are both correct readings of the sun and book kanji. :?:

while you might be correct, the difference between nihon and nippon is pretty much the same as yahadi and yappadi or yahashi and yappashi.. not quite so much a reading but a dialectal difference.

Chris or some others can correct me if I have t his wrong, but I believe Nippon was the pre-WWII usage and while still used for political or other 'formal' occasions, nihon is the post-WWII usage and the most commonly and normally used ..

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