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Post by tanuki » Sun 09.25.2005 9:33 pm


I'm looking for information on Shintoism for a presentation I have to do. I have searched on the web and I haven't found much, so I wonder if you could give me some links with info, it would be very nice :-).

By the way, the information may be in English or Spanish.

Thanks a lot in advance! Bye!

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RE: Shintoism

Post by Justin » Sun 09.25.2005 9:50 pm

I don't know much myself about the Shinto relegion, however, with a quick google search I found plenty of sites that had some information that would seem to be useful for a presentation. Here's just a few I found...
http://religiousmovements.lib.virginia. ... hinto.html

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RE: Shintoism

Post by yankumi » Mon 09.26.2005 12:16 am

This website gives an overview of Shintoism as well as links to other sites


RE: Shintoism

Post by Schattenjedi » Mon 09.26.2005 1:29 am

When looking for lexical information, Wikipedia is hard to beat.

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