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Pronouncing (r)...

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Pronouncing (r)...

Postby b4d0m3n » Wed 09.28.2005 1:05 am

As in (ra, ri, ru, re, ro, whatever). I roll my Rs softly. Is that good? I have also heard it pronounced very close to 'l'.
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RE: Pronouncing (r)...

Postby Harisenbon » Wed 09.28.2005 1:45 am

It's a combination of d, r and l, and is generally only rolled when people are angry or talking like punks.

I suggest finding a tape or listening to actual Japanese to get the pronunciation right, as there's little chance of getting it right without hearing it alot.
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RE: Pronouncing (r)...

Postby sexylexi » Wed 09.28.2005 4:51 am

i have been pronouncing my r's kind of like a soft d, much like a spanish single r with just a single flip of the tongue. i know its not right but being a spanish speaker that kind of just comes out. And since in spanish if r is at the beginning then it is rolled. so if a japanese word begins with r then i really have to change my pronounciation. I kind of bite my tongue with my molars and extend my lips outward i dont know if this is right at all but again it just tends to come out.
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RE: Pronouncing (r)...

Postby Ongakuka » Wed 09.28.2005 6:42 am

Try to hear a Japanese person saying the word you want to say first, since some words specifically sound more 'L' than 'R,' and vice versa.
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RE: Pronouncing (r)...

Postby Binsento » Wed 09.28.2005 8:50 am

Say the L, when you do that, you will notice that your tongue is touching the "roof" of your mouth.
Now say the L, but don't make contact this time. You should leave open a tiny space.

That's the basic, and once you're surrounded by the Japanese language you will pick it up in no-time.
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